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Ahi Suluova – Biyogaz Santrali

Project Summary


Approximately 50,000 cattle fecal faeces within the boundaries of our district (expected to be 100,000 in 3 years), 400,000 egg feces (expected to be 1,800,000 in 1 year), 30,000-36,000 tons of sugar beet pulp per year, 3,600 tons 25 - 28 million m3 of biogas will be produced from approximately 600.000 tons of waste per year with agricultural sludge, onion and similar agricultural wastes (20.000 tons / year) and slaughterhouse wastes.

The total investment amount of this integrated project is planned to be approximately 30 million €, the construction period is 1 year and the operating life is 25 years. For the project, the EPDK Production Pre-License 15.09.2015 and the EIA positive report from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization were received on 28.03.2017.

Project Preliminary Approval from Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources was received on 22.06.2017. (Carbon Credit Agreement in 2017) signed a contract with the company and signed a contract with the company on 06.09.2018. The information received from the companies is expected to be concluded in a short time and the construction works of the power plant are planned to start in August - September 2017. The bids received from the companies have been concluded and the construction of the construction site was started in September 2017 and the construction of the power plant started in April 2018. The 1st unit (1.5 MWe) of the facility will be ready for Temporary Acceptance until October 2018.

Development of this project All stages from EIA process, licensing process, construction and installation process to provisional acceptance are completed. AHİ MUT RES PRODUCTION and Trade. Inc. is carried out by.

Project Goals

The forced discharge of 50,000 livestock wastes in approximately 1,000 farms in Suluova County irregularly and uncontrolledly to Tersakan Tea, has a negative impact on the environment and human health. The negative effects of animal feces on carbon emission will be prevented and it will be ensured that our country will get rid of some of its obligations in the international arena. As mentioned in the EIA report, a contract was signed with a specialist company for carbon credit service procurement.


The hot water vapor generated in the facility will allow the heating of public institutions in cooperation with our municipality.


On the other hand, about 2.000 acres of land will be developed together with the District Governorate (Special Administration) and Municipality. In this way, employment will be provided and contribution will be made to the regional economy along with the production of corn silage.


For each 1 kWh of energy generated in the facility, a positive contribution will be made to the current account deficit due to the foreign currency we will pay for the energy imported to the country and hence to the national economy.


1Environmental Cleaning
First of all, these environmental pollution which are very important problems in the district and Amasya will be eliminated.
2District Economy
Existing animal faeces, herbal and slaughterhouse wastes will be evaluated and will be disposed of and contributed to the local economy.
3Added Value
24 hours a day, 365 days a year and about 30 years in the plant will continue to operate, personnel, materials and equipment will be met primarily from the region will be economically quite important added value to Suluova.
4Healthy Food
Organic Granule Fertilizer to be obtained from the plant will be given to farmers in the region with more favorable prices and maturities than the market. Therefore, the use of chemical fertilizers by our farmers will be partially prevented and will be supported to move to organic agriculture and thus will be more profitable.
5Clean Energy
Our future generations will grow in a cleaner, livable and healthy environment.

Our Brands

Contacs İnfo

Adress (Center)

Yıldızevler Neighborhood,
Avenue 4, 710. St. No:4 / 2
Çankaya / ANKARA


+90 (312) 448 01 17-27
FAX: + 90 (312) 448 01 37


Salucu District Way Çardaklı Area
Suluova Besi OSB 1.St.
Suluova / AMASYA
Telephone: + 90 (358) 407 01 01